• Invitation

    Discover industrial heritage in Liège and Verviers

  • Hasard colliery in Cheratte

    Demolition has begun !

  • St Albert's tower

    The battle goes on..

  • Les enfants du Hasard

    A movie directed by Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson

  • Making of the 7th issue of our annual serie

    Visiting the artwork wings dedicated to transport heritage

  • Industrial heritage in danger

    An opinion on the sense of preserving the remains of industrial era...

Welcome to the website of the ASBL Patrimoine industriel Wallonie-Bruxelles (Industrial heritage of Wallonia and BrusselS)




The Hasard colliery in Cheratte - Update of 2017-03-01

St Albert's tower : certificate of demolition cancelled - Update of 2017-02-27  

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Visiting the artwork wings of our next annual serie issue ! - Release of 2016-12-14

The "Déjà s'envole la fleur maigre" DVD out now ! - Release of 2016-11-22

Marcasse colliery in Wasmes - Release of 2016-11-17

Call for papers "IVE SÉMINAIRE AULA GESTIÓN" - Release of 2016-09-16

3rd issue of "Furnace", the postgraduate journal of Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage - Release of 2016-07-27

Cahiers de la Documentation/Bladen voor Documentatie - Special issue "European industrial and technical heritage year" - Release of 2016-07-20

International Conference Announcement and Call for Papers - BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures - Release of 2016-07-19

Desiré Deleuze : a photographer among coalminers - Release of 2016-07-09

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Men against coal - Release of 2016-07-02

HDB factory in Ensival - Release of 2016-05-03

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A call of E-Faith - the COSME-programme - Release of 2016-04-05

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Fabric industry in Mouscron from 1750 up til now - Release of 2016-03-15

Wielemans-Ceuppens - Update of 2016-02-01