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Des usines et des hommes: annual review

The tenth issue of the annual series "Des usines et des hommes" is out now !
Focusing on a current topic, it is made up of in-depth articles produced by internal and external collaborators. These are supplemented by additional articles relating to the industrial, economic and social history of Wallonia and Brussels.
This review is available in hard copy only at €15 per issue (+ carriage) and can be ordered by e-mail at vasb+cngevzbvarvaqhfgevry+or :

- No. 12 (2023) : features photography in industrial heritage.
- No. 11 (2022) : features railway heritage.
- No. 10 (2021) : features machines and movable heritage.
- No. 9 (2019) : features industrial heritage at stake !
- No. 8 (2018) : features transport means heritage (2).
- No. 7 (2017) : features transport means heritage.
- No. 6 (2016) : features a survey on the social and industrial heritage in Wallonia and Brussels (OUT OF STOCK!).
- No. 5 (2015) : features industrial heritage conservation.
- No. 4 (2013) : features electricity.
- No. 3 (2011) : features steel industry.
- No. 2 (May 2010): features housing.
- No. 1 (June 2009): features the bid by the Walloon mining sites to be Unesco World Heritage Sites.


Enquêtes et Témoignages

The collection “Enquêtes et témoignages” focuses on oral sources as contributions to industrial history. So far there have been two publications, while a third is on the way. These highlight the witness accounts of the past management and workers of now defunct firms, giving readers a more vivid, lively view of working life in Belgium and its developments.
So the purpose of this collection is not to replace the so-called traditional historical studies carried out on subjects mentioned in “Enquêtes et Témoignages”, but to create additional information, a source for social history in its widest sense.
All orders or requests for information should be e-mailed to us at vasb+cngevzbvarvaqhfgevry+or





The Bulletin

Patrimoine Industriel Wallonie-Bruxelles published a quarterly bulletin from 1984 to 2007, (70 issues) promoting research work and news. This was followed in 2008 by a newsletter enabling us to follow events more closely, while giving wider circulation to our leading articles.
Some of the articles which have appeared in our bulletin are already available in full on our website in PDF format. These can be read and downloaded according to their classification by issue number or theme. New articles will be regularly added in the forthcoming editions as and when the old issues are put on line.
Some of these are still available in hard copy. You can check on availability by looking for the wording “Version papier disponible” (hard copy available) in the classification by issue numbers. They can be obtained by e-mailing us a request on vasb+cngevzbvarvaqhfgevry+or at the prices shown on the order form.


One-off publications

You can buy the work “Wallonie-Bruxelles: Berceau de l’Industrie sur le Continent Européen” produced by Luc-Fr. Genicot and Jean-Pierre Hendrickx in 1990. This work is now unavailable.
It brings together contributions by the most eminent specialists, taking readers through eras and industries as different and as interlinked as mining [by Jacques Liébin and Jean-Pierre Ducastelle], metallurgy [Jean-Louis Delaet and Claude Christophe], mechanics and means of transport [by Claude Gaier, Jean-Louis Delaet, Jean-Jacques Van Mol, Jean-Pierre Gailliez, André Dagant and Pierre-Yves Thomas].
Other sectors, such as the textile industry [Marie-Paule Deblanc-Magnée, Vladimir Bronowski and Claude Depauw], glass-making [Isabelle Laurent], the chemical industries [René Brion], paper-making [Raymond Collin], workers’ housing estates [Jacquesline Miller and Luc-Fr. Genicot], and hydraulic power stations [Jean Defer] contribute to making this publication a standard work on the industrial heritage of Wallonia and Brussels.

This work is out of stock !